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         Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industries Co., Ltd.Briefing

Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industries Co., Ltd., the former Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industries Company was established in August 1956. As a government functional department to implement a unified administration for pharmaceutical production Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industries Company put the pharmaceutical production into the path of planning economy. Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industries Company achieved a good development through "Adjustment, Consolidation, Enrichment, Improvement" policy made by Central government. After the company was changed as the Branch of China Pharmaceutical Industries Company in November 1964, the company carried out the "Trust management system" as a trial and the business had further developed. In October 1968 the "Trust management system" was cancelled and the company was resumed its name "Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industries Company". In August 1986 as the company with the administration function was cancelled the company was reconstructed as an enterprise - Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industries (Group) Company subordinated to Shanghai Pharmaceutical Administration Bureau. In November 1997 the company was transformed to Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industries Co., Ltd. in light of Company Law and modern enterprise system.

Since Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industries Co., Ltd. was established we have firmly been pursuing our guideline:"Company criterion, Integrity in market, Brand strategy, Quality first". The company has been upgraded to a new stage as a specialized pharmaceutical company with a combination business of industry and commerce by our efforts in several years.

Now we have more than ten pharmaceutical manufacturers and one R&D. In commercial business we set up six departments such as Sales inside of city (medicine), Sales outside of city (medicine), Sales promotion inside of city (medicine), Pharmaceutical raw materials, Chemicals and Import & Export to market more than 1000 kinds of products which focus on Nerve center, Cardiovascular, Respiratory tract, Febrifuge ease pain, Anti-infection, Anti-histamine, Contrast mediate etc. as well as Nutrition, Chemicals and Pharmaceutical intermediates. Our main products such as Ionic and Non-ionic contrast mediate, Digestion and Cardiovascular medicines all have good quality and reputation in the market. An extensive system of sales net and terminal market was established. A supply chain from chemical purchase to pharmaceutical production, to finish products production and to sale our main products in the market also was established inside of company. The sales value in commerce stands at 1500 million RMB and the sales value in industry stands at 800 million RMB now. 

The company still insists its guideline "Take care for life,Serve for health " in the future development. Under the guideline we will keep on improving product quality and service quality; keep on optimizing the pattern in close combination of technology, production and distribution: keep on improving operation management and creation ability in new product research, by which the business of the company will become excellent, strong and big. Meanwhile Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industries Co., Ltd zealously hopes to further develop our global and domestic medical market together with all of you in our same business fields.



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